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Freestanding Baths (75 found)

If you're looking to add a touch of sophistication and designer flair to your bathroom, look no further than a freestanding bath. 

Our range of attractive and high-quality stand alone baths come in a large selection of different shapes, sizes, colours and materials and are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. And stress-free delivery options on all our bathroom products mean you can choose the perfect freestanding bath with confidence.

An outstanding range of beautiful freestanding baths

Bathrooms Direct Yorkshire offer a hand-picked selection of freestanding baths from a range of exceptional manufacturers and brands. Add a little refinement to your bathroom with a stand alone bathtub - it's a great way to create a distinctive and eye-catching focal point.

Can I have a modern freestanding bath in a more compact bathroom?

Generally speaking, homeowners should aim for a bathroom that feels spacious and light in order for it to be as relaxing as possible. 

But this does not mean that those with smaller bathrooms need to feel as though they do not have enough space for a freestanding bathtub, as there are ways to make it work. 

For instance, it is recommended to choose a wall bath and to plumb the taps and shower head into the walls, which both saves space and looks great. 

Adding a shower head with a surrounding curtain and making it a shower bath is another space-saving option for those with a compact bathroom, as it means the shower and bath units are not separate. 

Are freestanding baths best suited to modern or traditional bathroom interiors?

A freestanding bath creates an elegant look in your bathroom regardless of your bathroom interior and whilst they generally tend to fall within the camps of traditional and contemporary, most freestanding baths have elements of both within their stylish design.  

Traditional baths

Traditional freestanding baths have classic look about them andlargely consist of slipper baths and roll-top baths. 

The traditional double ended bath look is often further enhanced by the supporting claw feet and extravagant shapes, better suited to a classic bathroom design.  

Modern baths

By contrast, freestanding baths with a contemporary style feature outstanding curves, cleaner lines and a more simple design.

Commonly seen at wellness retreats and luxury hotels, a modern freestanding bath combines stunning elegance with a minimalist design and is best suited to a modern bathroom where the colour scheme is bright and neutral. 

Also available in copper and nickel, these baths have the added advantage of maintaining the water temperature for much longer than an acrylic or cast iron bath. 

What shape of bath is the most comfortable?

All of our freestanding baths are designed with comfort in mind however an oval double-ended freestanding bath is the most popular choice for customers where comfort is as important as design. The slipper bath is also a deep-soaking freestanding bath that allows you to relax in the water for hours without losing heat or comfort.

How is the water disposed of in a freestanding bath?

It is a common misconception that modern freestanding baths can be tough to install. 

Nowadays installing both large and small freestanding baths can be as straightforward as plumbing in an ordinary bath, as most of the plumbing is the same for stand alone baths as it is for a built in bath.




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