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Since its foundation in 1953, Keuco UK has continuously expanded its range of products and has evolved from being the original specialist and market leader for high-quality bathroom accessories to become a leading provider of bathroom furnishings. Uncompromising on the quality of raw materials and dedication to quality and functionality, Keuco is one of the world's leading bathroom outfitters.

Their range includes fittings, vanity units, accessories, mirror cabinets, bathroom furniture, washbasins and even toilet brush sets.

All Keuco products and accessories in our range are also available to view in our showroom.

Keuco showers

All of the Keuco showers in our range have a chrome finish providing a stylish shower that will complement all manner of contemporary bathroom interiors.

There's also the option of creating a wet room through the addition of frameless glass walk-in enclosures, which as well as being easy to clean and incredibly inviting, can increase the overall value of your home.

Whether you are wanting an energising rush of a full-power shower, akin to the feeling of standing under a tropical storm, or a more nuanced cleaning experience, Keuco provide a shower to suit all needs.

Keuco bathroom furniture

Keuco furnishings are not intended to simply be a side-effect - instead, they play an important part in the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. From a wall-mounted basin mixer, to single-lever taps, bathroom stools and elegant floor-standing waste bins, we offer a large range of Keuco bathroom furniture that complements each of their different bathroom series.

Keuco mirror cabinets

The sleek design of Keuco cosmetic and wall mirror cabinets will suit most contemporary bathroom interiors and modern spaces. When not in use, they either fold back against the wall or sit elegantly above the sink or vanity unit and act as another important part of your bathroom furniture and come in a range of sizes, from 710 mm -1410 mm. Whether you're looking for double-sided crystal mirror doors, or a soft-closing pull-out drawer, you're sure to find a Keuco bathroom cabinet to suit you and your lifestyle.

Keuco accessories

Keuco offer a huge variety of accessories that will blend seamlessly into any modern bathroom. Style meets functionality with the range of elegant and practical toilet and bathroom accessories available. From towel holders, to grab bars, wall mounted lotion dispensers to shower baskets with integrated wipers, Keuco accessories are available in different finishes and sizes and designs.

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