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Flova (17 found)

Flova are a true global manufacturer of brassware since 1991, world renowned for quality in over 70 countries.

• Founded in Yuhuan, their factory is over 42,000 square meters.

• Complete in-house manufacturing – from making the mould, constructing the waterways, creating the perfect finish, to quality control.

• 100% Quality Control program throughout each stage of manufacture ensures precision, confirms quality.

• Award winning designs & technology.

• Raw materials specifically chosen to ensure 100% solid brass with no recycled materials.

Flova design and build their products, in their own factory, with their own experts, with no compromise on raw material quality or market leading components.

Only the very best will do. Flova take industry standards, and they increase the requirements to set their own Flova standards, allowing for a quality control program which doesn’t just meet, but massively exceeds industry standards.





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