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The Zehnder Group have developed into a leading, global-active radiator manufacturer and has transformed itself into a provider of a comfortable, healthy indoor climate whilst focussing on being energy efficient.

More and more, the Zehnder Group is thus developing into a synonym for warmth and a comfortable, healthier indoor climate solution with a sustainable and successful history of almost 100 years building radiators and heating systems.

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What makes Zehnder different?

The Zehnder Group don't just focus on heating your building efficiently, they help to provide energy-efficient, healthy indoor climates that provide comfortable indoor ventilation for the entire house. Striking the perfect balance between comfort and healthier climates, Zehnder are perfectly attuned to focus on the individuals' health and creating a better world.

They are known for being industry leaders and one of the best indoor climate solutions for thousands of homes across the world.

Whilst they may not be newcomers in the industry, Zehnder uses smart technology to ensure a consistent and pleasant indoor climate. Heating systems don't just heat homes, they cool them too and Zehnder is an expert at cooling ceiling systems as well as heating homes.

Healthier solutions

Zehnder doesn't just focus on products aimed to provide comfort - Their main aim is creating a healthier indoor climate as well as still heating residential buildings and building cooling ceiling systems, whilst being energy efficient.

The Zehnder Group history

Since Robert Zehnder created the first tubular radiator in Switzerland back in 1930, the Zehnder Charleston has led the way for decorative radiators across the world. Now, their comprehensive portfolio of heating products is known around the globe for consistently providing a healthier and more comfortable indoor climate.

Zehnder towel and bar radiators have now advanced to become individual decorative radiators in a variety of styles and colours - perfect for creating that healthy indoor climate that we all desire whilst it fits perfectly with the décor of our own homes.

Renowned Designers

Modern-day Zehnder is more recognised for its renowned designs and concept style as its team of experts continue to develop and innovate their quality products. Known for being stylish and attractive, Zehnder continues to provide indoor climate solutions for both commercial buildings and residential homes.

This is the reason why not only homeowners, but even property developers choose Zehnder for their heat recovery and air cleaning systems.

When will my Zehnder radiator arrive?

Because stocks may vary, we can't guarantee an exact delivery date. Call our team on 01226 770383 now if you require your products by a particular date. Once your order has been placed, our team will be in touch to discuss a suitable delivery date. Once your new Zehnder product has arrived, it's ready for installation for you to enjoy your new comfortable indoor ventilation.




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