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Pelipal Bathroom Furniture (7 found)

Pelipal creates timeless bathroom furniture, with a sense of both tradition and new trends, distinguished by reliable quality and innovative functionality.

The unique design of the products in the Pelipal range is developed with respect to shape, material and colour, according to current trends, putting them at the forefront of contemporary bathroom design. Originating in Schlangen, Germany, Pelipal is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of modern bathroom furniture. Their wall-hung vanity cabinets, with atmospheric and elegant lighting, will give your bathroom surroundings an added touch of style.

With contoured or straight-line designs; mineral marble, glass or ceramic washbasins, and a wide range of colours to cater to every individual requirement, Pelipal furniture has no limit to taste.

What makes Pelipal bathroom furniture unique?

A leading manufacturer of bathroom furniture and mirror cabinets, Pelipal has more than 110 years of experience. Today, the Pelipal range is comprised of units made with bold shapes, LED lighting and sleek fittings. Pelipal uses LaserTec edge technology to create seamless edges and noiseless, ultra-modern doors that close in complete silence.

What products are in the Pelipal bathroom furniture collection?

With its huge range of mirrored bathroom cabinets, hung vanity units and washbasins, Pelipal has developed modern bathroom furniture that aims to become a focal point in any bathroom suite.

As well as bathroom storage cupboards and contemporary illuminated mirrors, the beautiful Pelipal bathroom furniture range is comprised of vanity units and washbasins that will compliment most bathroom settings.




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