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Carron Baths (9 found)

As the UK’s premier manufacturer of baths, Carron Baths has built a reputation for high-quality products whose durability will stand the test of time.

With their contemporary design and sleek finish, a Carron bath will make a stylish centrepiece to your bathroom.

Why choose Carron Baths?

With over 250 years of British manufacturing experience, Carron is a business that customers can trust. Originally formed 250 years ago to make cannon for the British Army, in 1986 an advanced, reinforced resin glass was patented by Carron which became known as Carronite.

All baths are finished with this high gloss, developed Carronite glass which, as well as being durable and easy to clean, has a host of other benefits.

Warmer for longer with Carronite baths

The modern insulation properties of Carronite baths mean they have a high level of heat retention, so the water in your luxury bath will stay warmer for longer.

Shower in the bath

The Carron range offers single-ended shower baths that are compatible with shower screens, have slip-resistant surfaces and wide wastes to efficiently dispose of the water.

Carron bathrooms offer long-lasting durability

With guarantees starting from 20 years, installing a Carron bath from Bathrooms Direct comes with complete peace of mind.

Carron baths offer easy access and flexibility 

To assist users of limited mobility the Carron range includes ease of access range and many baths have an option of twin grips if required, and if you are looking to reduce water usage certain baths in the range are available with reduced water capacity.

The Carron Baths range


All Carron Celcius baths are manufactured to the unique Carronite specification of durable, high-gloss acrylic layered with Carronite rigid reinforcement, making sure that your bath enjoys a long life in your home.

The Celsius range always looks stunning, with sleek lines to complement any bathroom style.

Celsius adds a new dimension to a regular bathroom and offers stunning corner baths that work wonderfully in any bathroom atmosphere. You can make any corner a focal point, or fit one of these stylish baths into a compact bathroom to make it the envy of your friends and family.

Matrix shower bath

Based on the design of the classic shower bath, the Matrix is excellent for both bathing and showering, with the addition of a shower screen.

This premium Carron Bath is made from a high-grade 5mm acrylic sheet that's extremely durable and warm to touch. The Matrix bath also comes with the additional benefit of Carron’s patented Carronite material. This makes it capable of withstanding far greater stresses and gives it the ability to retain heat for around 20 minutes longer than a standard acrylic bath.


If you love simple, minimalist design, then you'll be right at home with the versatile Quantum range. The unique, modern square shower bath design of Carron's Quantum collection allows for an incredibly comfortable bathing experience by offering more room to relax and manoeuvre compared to standard baths.

The Quantum range comes in styles and sizes to meet a wide variety of needs and all provide bathers with an extremely comfortable soak.


The Status Shower Bath brings a whole new level of sophistication to your bathroom space. Designed to be fitted flush into the corner of your bathroom, the Status Shower Bath is the perfect choice if you have a more modestly-sized room but don't want to compromise on quality or functionality.

Its gentle sweeping curves give it a softer edge, and it's available as a corner bath in left or right-hand variants as required.

Combining a shower and bathing area into one beautiful, accessible package, the Status tub gives you plenty of space for either a long, relaxing soak or a quick shower.





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