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Kaldewei Baths

Kaldewei is regarded as an industry leader throughout Europe in manufacturing steel baths and shower trays. High-quality Kaldewei steel enamel baths are more hard-wearing than acrylic alternatives, with thick walls that provide a feeling of solidity that also serves to keep in the water's heat, allowing you to unwind and escape from the rigours of everyday life for much longer. A coating of the highest quality, anti-slip glass across the full range makes Kaldewei products virtually indestructible and gives them the appearance of hotel-like luxury that, as well as being perfect for everyday use complements a wide range of bathroom interiors.

Why Kaldewei baths?

As well as providing heat retention, the easy-clean finish on all Kaldewei bathtub models means that bath water will trickle down the surface, taking with it any limescale, dirt, and chemical residue from bathing products that could be left behind. A guarantee of 30 years protects all of the products that Kaldewei offer, and because each Kaldewei bath tub is made from entirely natural materials, they can be recycled in full at the end of their long life.

With a wide range of bathtub shapes available, you can be sure to find a new bath that is ideally suited to your existing bathroom objects and bathroom design.

Luxury and safety for every bathroom

As a leading manufacturer in bathtub design, Kaldewei Bathtubs provide a variety of styles, dimensions, and size options so you can choose the one that provides maximum levels of relaxation.

The Kaldewei Baths range

Our full range of Kaldewei bath products is comprised of a variety models, including:

Cayono Duo

The Kaldewei Cayono Duo Luxury Steel Bath features two gently sloping backrests with a central waste plug and overflow fitting to ensure relaxed bathing for two people.

Cayono Luxury

This modern rectangular bathtub features a spacious interior with tap holes situated at the foot end. The bath is constructed using 3.5mm steel enamel with an anti-slip finish and is available with the option of a leg set, and in size options ranging from 1500 x 700 to 1800 x 800.

Puro Duo

The Kaldewei Puro Duo features a central set of taps and waste plug making it ideal for duel bathing. Its alpine white surface is also colourfast, lightfast and acid-resistant, meaning it will not fade over time. The Puro Duo is also available with an attached leg set and in sizes that range from 1700 x 750 mm to 1900 x 900.

Puro Luxury

The Kaldewei Puro bath has a very modern, purist design. The generous interior length ensures maximum bathing comfort and is available in sizes ranging from 1600 x 700 to 1900 x 900.




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