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Great Storage Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Great Storage Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Does everything in your bathroom bring you joy? The KonMari method is proving to be a popular formula for organising homes and keeping them tidy – with thanks to Netflix. If you haven’t watched it, the show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo is a show that will change the way you clean and care for your home.

If items don’t bring you joy, get rid of them. If items bring you joy, keep them. We’re applying this method to small bathrooms and helping people to fall in love with the smallest room in the home and feel joy each time they enter the space.

Storage Ideas That Will Bring you Joy

One of the problems that are caused by small bathrooms, even bigger bathrooms, is storage. Many homes don’t have any built-in storage in the bathroom, and this will often result in products and items cluttering up all the surfaces in the room. The bath is surrounded by bottles and tubes. The windowsill becomes a mirror stand and home to the toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwash, razors and not to mention candles.

Space is limited, so to bring joy into your home and to make it easier to enjoy the space and the products you love it’s vital to work on storage. Here are a few tips that will make any small bathroom a joyful space.

Find a Mirror Unit for Small Bathrooms

A mirror is an essential item for the bathroom. It’s a functional accessory, but it’s also useful in the design of the room. Mirrors help to add to the illusion of space and help to make the room brighter. Combining a mirror with a unit makes perfect sense. The unit is attached behind the mirror, making use of wall space. Mirror units come in different styles and designs so there will be a perfect one for your taste.

An option to consider is the recessed mirror unit from Kueco. This unit comes with additional features that will further increase the joy of the bathroom. The internal light is functional and practical, as are the addition of the integrated electrical sockets. Furthermore, there are 3 widths to choose from so you can ensure it works perfectly in your small bathroom.

Vanity Units from Geberit

Under sink vanity units are perfect. The vanity units provide additional enclosed storage space to remove all the clutter that often over takes the bathroom. Choose cabinets that provide shelving and ideally drawers to ensure the room is as organised as possible. There are a few options to consider such as the Geberit Acanto Double Vanity Unit or the Geberit Acanto small projection vanity unit.

Bring joy into your small bathroom with useful accessories and bathroom furniture that make storage easy, Get in touch with Bathrooms Direct today if you have any questions about the storage possibilities for your bathroom.

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