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Bathroom Mirrors (7 found)

Our huge range of bathroom mirrors will reflect your appearance in even the most humid of conditions. Our range includes modern and traditional bathroom mirrors as well as round bathroom mirrors - perfect for making a small bathroom space feel bigger.

How to choose the right size bathroom mirror

The go-to rule when considering what width bathroom mirror to buy is that you should choose a mirror that is roughly 1 to 2 inches narrower than the width of the countertop of your sink or bathroom vanity.

The heights of the people who will get most of the use out of the mirror should also be considered. You want to make sure that the mirror is tall enough so that tops of heads don't get cut off when you look into it, which can be achieved by buying a taller mirror or placing the mirror a little bit higher above the vanity.

What to consider when deciding the right mirror shape for your bathroom

Bathroom mirrors at Bathrooms Direct are available in a choice of shapes including rectangular, round, arched and square. Rectangular mirrors are the most popular choice and a versatile option that suits most colour schemes and home interiors. But for a more subtle look, round bathroom mirrors are perfect for complimenting other statement pieces you might already have in your bathroom and for giving your bathroom the appearance of being bigger than it is. Arched bathroom mirrors are a good option for those looking to create an elegant look in their bathroom, perhaps to match a more traditional home interior.

Do bathroom mirrors have to be made with a special type of glass?

If the bathroom is full of moisture, a regular mirror might not hold up to the humidity. This will cause the mirror’s backing to eventually break down. Most bathroom mirrors are therefore made with tempered glass which also has the additional safety advantage that should it break, it does so into small round pieces, which reduces the risk of injury.

How can I stop my bathroom mirror steaming?

Methods to reduce the amount mirror cabinets or bathroom mirrors steam up after baths and showers include keeping your window open to allow the hot steam to escape so that it does not settle on the cold glass surface. As well as this, you could also consider spraying your bathroom mirror with various solutions made from mixing vinegar, soap rub or shaving foam with water which acts as an effective barrier against steam settling on the mirror surface which should last for a few weeks.

More permanent solutions include investing in an extractor fan for the bathroom which removes the moisture and humidity from your bathroom after a bath or shower. LED bathroom mirrors overcome the condensation problem by heating the glass and therefore stopping the mirror surface from steaming up.

Illuminated bathroom mirrors

Illuminated mirrors are growing in popularity, especially for homeowners who are looking to create a room that has a sleek and contemporary feel. When compared to standard light bulbs, the lights in bathroom mirrors have been found to provide a less harsh brightness that mimics natural light.




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