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Bathroom Trends: Victoria & Albert

Bathroom Trends: Victoria & Albert

Even if you’ve not been on the hunt for the perfect bathroom for your home, you’re bound to have heard of Victoria & Albert. No, not the former Queen and her husband, but the British bathroom company with a worldwide reputation for creating beautiful freestanding baths and basins.

Victoria & Albert baths are made from Quarrycast, a unique material made from finely ground Volcanic Limestone mixed with resin. Quarrycast is a stone-rich alternative to both cast-iron and acrylic baths that allows Victoria & Albert to produce one-piece, hand-finished baths with many features you’ll love.

Victoria & Albert baths can be a little pricier than some other leading high street brands, however they have a strong reputation for quality and customer satisfactions. Here’s just some of the reasons we love Victoria & Albert baths and basins:


All Victoria & Albert baths come with a comprehensive 25-year consumer guarantee. This is considerably longer than many other bath suppliers and shows just how much they believe in the quality of their products. Victoria & Albert offer one of the best consumer guarantees on the market and that’s obviously because they know and understand how well their products wear.


As we said earlier Victoria & Albert products are made from Quarrycast which has high insulation properties and is warm to the touch. It ensures that water retains its temperature for longer and is not cold like stone or metal can be.

Easy Clean Surfaces

No matter how beautiful your bathrooms may be, if it’s a nightmare to clean you won’t be very happy about it. Cleaning the bathroom is often a chore many of us resist for as long as possible but with Victoria & Albert products, they are designed to be as easy to clean and maintain as possible.

That’s not to say they don’t need cleaning, they do, but may make your life just that little bit easier when you pull the rubber gloves on.

Add Value in the Home

Renovating the bathroom is a wonderful way of adding value to the home. This is an interesting fact but it’s important to recognise that not all baths are created equally. If you want to help improve the value of your home, it’s worth buying quality such as Victoria & Albert. Renowned for their quality and also price tag, the value of your home can significantly increase with a high quality bathroom.

Wide Range of Designs

There are many different and unique looking Victoria & Albert baths and basins to choose from. This is great news for home owners as there is a design for all styles of home and personal tastes. Choose from the classic single ended bath to the offset double bath or perhaps a shower bath would work best in your home. All the bathroom products are beautifully designed, there is no going wrong. Pick the right style that suits your bathroom, creating the most beautiful and relaxing space.

These 5 things we love about Victoria & Albert really are just the tip of the iceberg. Chat with us on 01226 770383 to learn more about the benefits of choosing a Victoria & Albert bath and discover if it’s the right choice for your bathroom.

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