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3 Reasons to Love Victoria & Albert Baths

3 Reasons to Love Victoria & Albert Baths

Have you decided it’s time for a bathroom makeover or update? Have you been eyeing your bathtub as the first item to replace? Bathroom renovations are among one of the most popular home renovations projects there are, which means you aren’t alone in tackling such a project.

If you are trying to create that bathroom spa-like atmosphere that is so trendy at the moment, then you will most definitely want to check out our line of Victoria & Albert baths. These aren’t your typical baths, and with that said, they can really finish off the look in your bathroom and transform the space.

Here’s a look at three reasons to love our collection of Victoria & Albert baths!

Durability is a Key Factor

One of the biggest reasons that customers invest in Victoria & Albert baths is the durability and quality of them. They come with a 25-year guarantee, which just can't be beaten. Many models feature a one-piece casting of resin and high-quality volcanic limestone, so they are more durable and harder than acrylic models. As we’ve seen with previous customers, you can install one of these models and know you’re good for a long time to come. Considering a typical bathtub has a lifespan of 10-15 years, these models are far superior!

Get the Exact Look You Are After

Another big pro with Victoria & Albert baths is the fact you can customise it after purchase with a paint job. While there is nothing wrong with leaving it white, and plenty of our customers choose to do so, it’s nice to have the option to customise. This can help you maintain your design flow in your interior décor.

Explore the Pros of Freestanding Tubs

If you’re tired of being limited by the placement of your bathtub, you’ll also appreciate that the Victoria & Albert baths are freestanding, giving you total freedom as to where you place it. You can even place the bathtub in the centre of the room and make it the focal point if you choose. Freestanding options are very popular with our customers, thanks to their versatility.

Explore the Options

If you’re convinced that Victoria & Albert baths are right for your space, then we invite you to check out our extensive inventory of options. You’re sure to find something that fits your needs and helps you to create that spa-like bathroom.

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