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Wet Room Flooring (6 found)

When it comes to wet rooms and walk-in showers, one of the biggest considerations is the flooring.

Wet room flooring offers a watertight seal and foundation and offers complete peace of mind for a beautiful, leak-free bathroom.

It also enables effortless design thanks to the ability to finish floors and walls in wet environments with your chosen tiles, opening up a huge range of design possibilities for your wet room space.

Your choice of flooring finish will dictate the type of under tray, shower tray, wet room tray or underfloor heating that can be used.

Featuring products from Abacus Bathrooms and Impey Showers, these wet room flooring systems are specifically designed for maximum performance in wet environments, with excellent slip resistance for bare feet.

How are wet room floors constructed?

Wet rooms can be installed on timber and concrete floors. If you have a timber floor, a 'dec' or tapered board is constructed in the shower area above ply-supported joists, where the original floorboards have been removed.

This built-in gradient creates the fall towards the drain while on solid flooring, the required gradient is created within the screed itself.

Choosing the right wet room flooring material

The right flooring is a vital component of a wet room, particularly because it needs to fulfil the important non-slip function in wet conditions as well as preventing water ingress.

Investing in quality tiles will make all the difference to the longevity, usability and efficiency of your wet room. Popular wet room flooring materials include:


Natural stone, porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are becoming the most popular choice in wet rooms as they give a beautiful, contemporary, hard-wearing finish.

Vinyl flooring

Cost-effective and available in a wide range of colours and styles, vinyl is a common choice for wet room flooring. It’s water-resistant and softer than other types of tile.


Durable, warm and available in a range of patterns, colours and textures, rubber is another great option for slip resistant wet room flooring.

It's always best to choose wet room floor tiles that are practical and safe underfoot, such as natural stone tiles, which are more suitable than high-gloss tiles. However, it's possible to use wet room flooring materials designed with a slip-resistant finish to ensure maximum safety in slippery, barefoot areas.

For more advice on choosing the best wet room flooring material for your wet room or shower room project, get in touch with the expert team at Bathrooms Direct.




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