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Close Coupled Toilets (14 found)

One of the three main types of toilets, along with wall-hung toilets and back-to-wall toilets, close coupled toilets have grown in popularity in recent years - and here at Bathrooms Direct we have a huge range of ultra-modern designs. Ideally suited to an en suite or guest bathroom or even updating a more compact cloakroom, with its reduced capacity cistern, close coupled toilets are also more efficient when it comes to water retention. With a variety of different styles on offer, and with many of the products in our range available with a soft close seat, you can be sure to find the perfect close-coupled toilet for your home at Bathrooms Direct.

What is a Close Coupled Toilet?

The unique feature of close coupled toilets is that the toilet pan and cistern close together to make one unit, with all the essential parts incorporated within. As well as being easier to clean, close coupled toilets also require less floor and wall space than a conventional toilet, making them ideal for a smaller bathroom.

How do Close Coupled Toilets compare to Wall Hung Toilets?

Wall-hung toilets are as the name suggests, toilets where the toilet bowl is mounted onto the wall itself, not on the floor, and are widely regarded as the most contemporary-looking type of toilet on the market today. Unlike with close coupled toilets, with a wall toilet, the cistern is concealed within the wall, accessible via a flush panel which gives the effect of making your bathroom appear bigger.

One of the other benefits of a wall-hung toilet is that you can have the height adjusted to suit your needs. This means that wall-hung toilets are ideal if you are looking to design a bathroom for someone with limited mobility.

Are Close Coupled Toilets best for smaller space bathrooms?

Neither wall-hung toilets nor back to wall toilets are as practical as close-coupled toilets as both only really suit brand-new or remodelled bathroom suites rather than as a replacement for an existing toilet. This is due to the fact they need to be installed within the wall itself and require building work during installation, which is often not possible in small bathrooms or if you only require a new toilet but want to retain the rest of the bathroom as it is.




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