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Illuminated Mirrors (38 found)

Brighten your bathroom with our brilliant range of illuminated mirrors. We offer a range of styles, colours and sizes to fit any style of bathroom furniture. At Bathrooms Direct, we only source premium illuminated bathroom mirrors from leading brands at a discounted price. With fast delivery and hassle-free returns, there's never been a better time to upgrade your bathroom.

The benefits of illuminated mirrors

Discover the many benefits of illuminated bathroom mirrors and browse our fantastic range today.

Transform your bathroom with an illuminated mirror

Style meets functionality

Illuminated bathroom mirrors make a sleek and stylish addition to any bathroom, offering additional lighting as well as operating as a functional mirror. Made with the finest materials from premium brands, LED mirrors add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. As well as helping to create a light, bright space, the modern LED lighting eliminates shadows in your reflection - perfect for applying makeup or shaving.

Advanced LED lighting

The LED lighting in your bathroom mirror saves energy and has the potential to save you money on your energy bills. LEDs are incredibly long-lasting and don't emit heat, making them a perfect choice for your bathroom. LED light is a great way to incorporate ambient lighting into your bathroom - perfect for relaxing in the bath!

Special features

An illuminated bathroom mirror isn't just a stylish lighting solution. Many of our backlit bathroom mirrors come with special features such as a motion sensor switch or heated demister pad. Once you've experienced the value a backlit mirror can bring to your home, you'll never go back to non-illuminated mirrors!

Things to consider

As a focal point of the bathroom, our illuminated mirrors are wall mounted and come with wall fittings that you can attach securely to your wall. Available in a range of sizes, widths and orientations such as landscape or portrait, it's easy to find a mirror that fits your space and complements your existing bathroom cabinets and decor.




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