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SBH Radiators (0 found)

For many years SBH Radiators have been one of our best-selling, reliable ranges of stainless steel radiators.

SBH Radiators are quality products, manufactured and tested to high standards and are fully compliant with all UK regulations.

SBH Radiators offer a range of colour and electrical options all backed by a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

The brand's unique P Rating system helps you make the right choice of radiator for your bathroom, plus you can also view various central heating options in our showroom.

SBH range of heated towel rails

At Bathrooms Direct, we offer a high-quality and diverse selection of SBH radiators and towel rails, with elegant designs that are both stylish and practical.

Made from premium stainless steel, SBH towel rails are incredibly useful due to their flexibility and ability to fulfil a variety of purposes.

This is because with a dual fuel towel rail you can save space in a crowded bathroom as well as increase your home's heat efficiency.

Stainless steel valve sets and radiators

Stainless steel has a number of advantages over steel or iron radiators supplied by other manufacturers, the first being that they do not rust or corrode in any way.

The SBH range has electrical options and dual fuel options and as well as this, they emit 30% more heat than comparable chrome-plated radiators and are impenetrable to water, allowing them to be used in any domestic heating system.

The home of beautiful handmade stainless steel radiators

Available in a range of widths and heights in both a compact square unit and flat formats, homeowners can be sure to find the right hand-crafted radiator for their bathroom.

The stainless steel mounting brackets lend themselves to easy fitting and are located on the uprights, giving you the maximum amount of usable width.

Bleed valves cannot be seen as they are situated on the back of the verticals and SBH radiators are also available in a dual fuel option for use in the summer, when central heating is not necessary, and as purely electric if preferred.

Straight radiators

A straight radiator is suitable for most bathrooms regardless of the look or colour scheme. It's especially adept in smaller bathrooms where the existing items within the room are already close to one another. They also lend themselves to being repurposed to a different living space in the home such as the kitchen.

Curved radiators

A curved radiator or towel rail has many benefits such as allowing for a larger amount of air to flow through the space behind the towel rail and your bedroom wall which means your towels will generally warm up faster than with a flat towel rail. Also with the increasing trend of interior designers using free-standing rounded bathtubs with a curved design, a curved radiator will beautifully suit the style of the rest of your room.

SBH radiator valves

SBH radiator valves have a quality chrome finish that makes them perfectly suited to a contemporary bathroom interior and all the radiators in the SBH range. They can also be added to radiators with pipe work coming from the wall and the floor.

Delivery timescales

Providing our suppliers have available stock, the majority of products on our website can be ready for dispatch within 3-5 working days of purchase from our warehouse, due to our daily supply chains with our suppliers. We can, in some instances, provide expedited delivery, please contact by phone for more details.

As a company, our delivery charges vary depending on the method by which they must be sent as well as the location. We do offer free UK delivery on a vast amount of products. The basket page will always provide transparent details that will not change the further you progress with your order.

In some instances, we may be out of stock of certain items and will have to backorder your goods with our various suppliers. Often we can explore the possibility of part shipment in order to help move your project forward.