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What You Need to Create the Perfect Spa Bathroom

What You Need to Create the Perfect Spa Bathroom

The Perfect Way to Relax

A spa day is a recommended way to unwind and relax and get some much-needed down time. But why limit yourself to such pampering sessions only when you visit a spa or go on holiday? These days, homeowners are transforming their tired old bathrooms into the perfect spa bathroom. It’s easier than you might think, and the results are certainly impressive!

Here are a few tips we have to share on how you too can create a stunning spa bathroom in your home.

Carron Baths Never Fail to Impress

The bath is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the spa bathroom. It needs to look inviting, clean and above all else, relaxing. Here at Bathroom Direct Yorkshire we recommend Carron baths. There is a wide selection for all budgets, including single ended baths and shower baths for smaller bathrooms without space for separate shower enclosures.

A spa bathroom will always be complimented by double ended bath tubs. Double ended models are perfect for couples but also for families with young children. Just because it’s a spa bathroom doesn’t mean it shouldn’t cater for the entire family.

Aromas Add to the Environment

Introduce fresh and calming scents and sounds into your bathroom. There are plenty of options ranging from candles to diffusers. Candles are perfect for when you’re in the bathroom, but diffusers produce constant aromas. A combination of diffusers and candles works beautifully in spa bathrooms.

Matki Shower Enclosures

Whether you want a small shower enclosure or an entire wet room panel you won’t be disappointed by Matki. The high quality of the craftsmanship is complimented by the modern design. The shower panels and shower trays would all work perfectly in a spa resort, making them ideal for your private sanctuary.

Villeroy and Boch

A beautiful sink is essential. You want to feel restful and pampered each time you perform such simple tasks as washing your hands or brushing your teeth. Create a beautiful environment with Villeroy and Boch basins. Some of the most popular models include the Artis Rectangle Surface Mounted Basin and the Avento Semi Recess Washbasin.

Plants and Textures

Create a calming environment using deep colours and introducing textures into the space with your tiles, mirrors, linens and stone textures. Muted toned wood and stones work perfectly to induce feelings or serenity and peace. Don’t forget to add extra interest and soothing vibes using plant life.

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