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Timeless family bathroom ideas

Timeless family bathroom ideas

Creating a family bathroom that is fully functional yet stylish is sometimes harder than you may think. At Bathrooms Direct we want to help you create a family bathroom that can stand the test of time yet provide all the practical capabilities you require in a family bathroom.

Save space for a bath

If there’s room, a bath really is an essential for family life. A bath makes bathing smaller children a lot easier and is also a real selling point if you come to sell your home in the future.

If you’re pushed for space a good solution is an over-bath shower instead of a separate shower or shower instead of a bath. L or D shaped baths with a wider end and glass shower screen are a good choice as they’ll look more streamlined than an ordinary bath with a plastic curtain.

 Villeroy and Boch have a great range of double ended baths, which are perfect for two or more kids to play and relax in the water. Even if you don’t have kids, a stylish bath can add value to your home.

Get storage savvy

A family bathroom can quickly become messy, so make sure you have lots of practical storage space. Under sink cupboards, glass mirrored medicine cabinets and tall cupboards for towels and essentials are the perfect place to hide away any unnecessary mess.

Many homes don’t have any built-in storage in the bathroom, and this will often result in products and items cluttering up all the surfaces in the room. During the redesign of your new bathroom, it’s important to take into account opportunities to incorporate storage space wherever possible.

Keep it bright

Something that often gets overlooked in a bathroom redesign is the importance of light. Good quality lighting over the sink area is essential for getting the detail spot on, you don’t want to miss a spot when you are having a quick shave before work.

It is also important to bear in mind where the window is when you’re positioning your bathroom fixtures. You want to ensure that maximum natural light can get in your bathroom so it might be worth spending a little bit extra to get essential pipework moved around to create a timeless family bathroom.

Invest in quality fixtures

It is important to create a bathroom where you can see yourself pampering yourselves after a long day, relaxing in the bath, wrapping themselves in a warm towel and destressing. You’ll love you home so much more if you know that you’ve got a functional space that works for both you and your family.

Bathroom renovations can transform your home and provide you with a functional and practical space.

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