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Things to consider when planning a bathroom

Things to consider when planning a bathroom

People sometimes say that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

If that’s the case, then the bathroom could be described as the soul - and it’s probably the most important room in the house in terms of resale value.

The perfect bathroom can re-energise you in the morning with a refreshing shower and helps you wind down with a long evening soak in the bath.

It’s a place of sanctuary and solitude, and many of us renovate our bathrooms with relaxation and pampering in mind.

Creating a new bathroom can be an exciting but daunting task. From the size of the units to the layout and the overall design, where do you begin?

Know your priorities

First thing’s first - start by working out your priorities.

It’s best to forget about how your bathroom is currently used and imagine how you’d like to use it instead.

A family bathroom or spa-style sanctuary will need very different specifications and fittings.

Will you require a bath, separate shower, double wash basins and lots of storage, or just an en-suite-style shower and toilet?

You need to ask yourself what type of space you’re hoping to achieve. Do you want to create a haven you can escape into, or would an ‘energise-and-invigorate’ style of new bathroom work better? This decision will affect the colour scheme, fixtures, fittings and bathroom accessories that you should choose.

Plan your bathroom layout

There’s no point in changing your new bathroom layout just for the sake of it. If it’s still working well for you, then keep it the same.

It should prove a much cheaper option, as moving water and waste pipes can be expensive.

But if your current layout isn’t practical, then consider ways in which you could make small changes that would have a big difference. For instance, fitting sliding doors or re-hanging your existing ones is a good way to gain extra space.

If you are planning to change your bathroom layout, measure the space carefully.

After noting the position of any pipes, doors and windows it often helps to draw a bathroom plan on graph paper, or perhaps with an online design tool.

It’s important to bear in mind just how your needs may change in the future.

Just because you think you don’t need a bath right now doesn’t mean that will always be the case. 

The size of your household may grow or you might want to sell your home, and baths have a wider appeal to potential buyers.

It’s also a great idea to visit a bathroom showroom for inspiration and advice.

Get inspired … sensibly

Choosing which style you’re aiming for early on helps narrow down the choice of fittings and accessories you’ll have to consider for your new bathroom. 

But be sensible! There’s no point deciding on his-and-her sinks, swanky walk-in shower and a double-ended roll top bath if they’re not going to fit. 

Cramming in fittings will only make your new bathroom feel smaller, so it’s best to research products and bathroom accessories that will help you make the most of your available space.

We’re here to help

Call us on 01226 770383, or use the ‘chat now’ feature on our website. At Bathrooms Direct, we’re on hand to answer your questions and help you to find the perfect new bathroom layout that makes the best use of your space.

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