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The Top 4 Bathroom Trends of 2018

The Top 4 Bathroom Trends of 2018

The bathroom is among the most important rooms in any home. This is where we go to prepare

ourselves for the day ahead. This is your sanctuary, a place you visit habitually, usually first thing in

the morning and last thing before bed. To make the start of your day a little easier, and the end of it

a lot more comfortable, it helps to have a bathroom that is well designed – offering a little luxury in


Not only this, but when the time comes to sell a home, both the bathroom and the kitchen are the

most important rooms to get right. This is because they are the most time consuming and expensive

rooms for the next owner to modify. If they see a beautifully designed bathroom, ready to go, then

this will be a huge selling point.

Putting together an elegant bathroom design need not break the bank, it is more about the design

choices that you make than it is about spending as much money as you can. In this article we take a

look at the bathroom trends that will dominate the coming 12 months ahead.

Efficiency Over Size

While there is much to be said for large, open bathrooms; for most people the bathroom is a small
space. Consequently, it isn't practical to fill it with large, ornate fixtures and, as a result,
homeowners are increasingly turning their attention to making the bathroom efficient rather than
large. Baths which also double as shower units have been around for some time and are now
becoming the standard.

Smart Devices

Smart devices are becoming ubiquitous and are finding their way into every room in the house.
Bathrooms are no different. Smart lighting can be activated by voice meaning that there’s no
fumbling about for a light switch in the dark, or trying to operate a switch with wet hands.

Soap Dispensers

Bars of soap are becoming less common, they have been surpassed by liquid soap contained in
bottles. These, in turn, have now given way to wall mounted soap dispensers. These dispensers are
more practical, holding more soap, and much more attractive as fixtures.

Illuminated Mirrors

Illuminated mirrors are another example of a fixture that is both practical and elegant. The gentle
lighting that they give off is much better for those midnight trips to the toilet. Having to turn on a
main, overhead light can make it harder to get back to sleep afterwards.

Following these bathroom trends will help you design a bathroom that is a joy for you to use, and
will inspire jealousy in all those who see it!

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