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The 3 Signs you Need a New Bathroom

The 3 Signs you Need a New Bathroom

You usually get some pretty strong signs when something needs replacing or fixing. When your phone plays up, you know it's time for an upgrade. When you can hear your engine making some funny noises, your first instinct is to turn the volume up on the radio and pray that, whatever is wrong, it isn't expensive or urgent!

Eventually though, you get the repairs necessary. When it comes to your bathroom, the signs are just as subtle and in-your-face.

Got Mould? Get Geberit!

One of the most glaringly obvious signs a new bathroom is high on the priority list is mould. Sure, if you catch it early it is easily treatable, but if you let it sink in (pardon the pun) you've got a real problem on your hands. 

Mould can typically accumulate on the corners of your bath if it is built in, or even at the base of your sink where it connects with your bathroom floor. Not only can this be a nesting place for insects and pests, but it ruing the relaxing aesthetic you're looking for in a bathroom. 

if you've been putting the idea of a new bathroom off for a while, maybe this is the final nail in the coffin. How about a Geberit sink to really accentuate the ambiance you're seeking? Serenity at its finest!

Bathroom Envy

Regardless of whether people are prepared to admit it, we all suffer with a level of envy for other people’s homes. If you go to a friend’s or a relative’s house and they tell you they’ve recently had their bathroom done, you’re compelled to have a look. Once you do, envy sinks in (again, apologies) and that’s all it takes to get the ball rolling for your own bathroom.

Before that trip, you were quite happy with your bathroom décor. Not anymore. You hate it and you insist on a change in bathing scenery. Maybe something from the Victoria and Albert range could tickle your fancy? Pass the envy on to somebody else!

Relaxation is Key

This one particularly applies if you have young children, but most parents see the bathroom as their safe space. Wine in the medicine cupboard, bubble bath at the side and hiding the chocolate in the airing cupboard. If this rings true, then we’ve ruined something good for millions of parents. Woops!

But if relaxation is the key focus for your bathroom and your current set up doesn’t fall into that category, then a change could be on the horizon. The range of waters baths available at your perusal means you can choose the perfect tub for yourself! Don’t even think of the rubber ducks and kids toys, why not buy a bath shelf to house your tablet, your wine and your candles? Just don’t fall asleep – nobody likes pruned skin!

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