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Simple tips to create a luxury bathroom

Simple tips to create a luxury bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the key areas of our home. We get ready in there for the day ahead, we relax in the bath after a long and stressful day and battle with the kids in there at bath time. Without realising it, our bathrooms are one of the most used areas of our homes and too often we scrimp on the quality fixtures.

To maximise the levels of comfort and well-being in your bathroom, you’ll need to consider the design of the space right down to the smallest of detail. There are so many ways to create a luxury bathroom in your own home, all it takes is a little bit of careful planning.

Double basins

A double vanity unit doesn’t have to be something just for Hollywood films. Double vanity units are becoming more and more popular in homes across the UK. Two basins in one bathroom is a lot more practical and versatile, allowing two people to get ready at the same time and minimise bathroom queues.

Plus, with plenty of space, double basins allow you to keep your things organised, especially if your toiletries tend to get muddled in with other peoples.

Walk in shower

If you’re lucky enough to have plenty of space include a separate bath and shower, a walk-in shower provides a sense of space and luxury. A glass screen helps to keep your bathroom light and airy compared to a shower curtain and adds a sense of luxury and timeless glamour.

Also, a walk-in shower can be designed to fit any bathroom size. They allow you to select a shower around your actual space, which can be beneficial if you have a small or awkwardly shaped space to work with.

Quality fixtures and fittings

Investing in good quality fixtures and fittings is key to a luxury bathroom. Quality can often be easily spotted especially when it comes to taps, shower heads and basins.

Plus, high quality materials will also stand the test of time. Often, cheaper solutions need replacing soon down the line and end up costing you more than your initial outlay.

Heated towel rails

A heated towel rail isn’t often seen as a necessity, but rather as a novel item used only to keep your towels a little warmer. However, if there’s room in your bathroom why not treat yourself. After all, who wants to get out of the warmth of the shower and set straight into the cold air?

You’ll thank yourself for it every time!

Double ended baths

Both ends of a double ended bath tend to be identical, so you can face either way with comfort and ease. Plus, the different position of the taps allows you to stretch out in the tub, without catching your feet and toes on the taps! This is particularly useful and very much a luxury if you’re quite tall and could use the extra space.

Not sure how to create your own luxury bathroom? Chat to our team on 01226 770383 to find the ideal luxury bathroom solution for your home.

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