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Shower In Style

Shower In Style

Upgrading your bathroom has never been easier. There are many things to consider when looking to upgrade or modernise and a new shower head might be one of them! It sounds simple but it can impact your bathroom drastically. Shower heads can now hold settings like they never had before, turning your luxury shower time into a spa like experience.

Shower Heads

From hand held luxury shower heads to LED and rain shower heads, your time in the shower has never been able to be more relaxing.

Rain shower heads

Rain shower heads are seen to be the most popular and most modern of them all. With the power to turn your shower experience into a luxury shower one , it is no wonder that these are the best selling shower heads. Our AXOR powder rain head allows you to feel relaxed through its jet mode. Droplets of water trickle down your body giving you a sensation like no other, a masterpiece in the shower. Shop yours here.

The Hansgrohe rainmaker is another example of our luxury digital showers. With up to 3 settings, this shower head is bound to make your shower experience phenomenal. This digital shower comes with an iBOX that can be installed via a wall mount, making it easy to control in and out of the shower. Paired with an easily cleanable glass spray disc, allowing it to be relaxing and hassle free.

Shower Enclosures

Another way to upgrade your bathroom is by investing into a new shower enclosure. Not only can this allow your bathroom to look a lot more modern, it can increase the overall aesthetic. Glass enclosures can also increase functionality and practicality in the simplest form. A glass look can appear high-tech whilst adding more light into your bathroom which in turn makes your bathroom feel spacious.

The first thing to consider when picking a new shower enclosure, is how it is going to work inside the space of your bathroom. Knowing what shower enclosure looks best for the size of your  bathroom can be vital in making your bathroom look and feel more inviting.

The Matki Eauzone Hinged Door and Wall frame shower enclosure is the perfect example of a versatile and modern shower. Available in 15 sizes, this shower enclosure can be placed in any bathroom, giving the illusion of a fresh, spacious bathroom. Not only can it be tailored to your specific needs, making it easier when delivering and installing, it’s hinges are non-slip, making it the perfect new shower for you.

Digital Showers

Digital showers are the new big thing. As we develop further with technology, we are becoming more dependent on it in our day to day life. These types of showers can provide a quick, easy and relaxing turnaround when it comes to taking a shower.

A digital shower, unlike a normal traditional  shower, holds a digital thermostat within the new shower unit itself. Remotely, the temperature and flow are controlled. This internal control unit communicates with the shower head either via a cable or wireless technology. A main benefit of a digital shower is that it is very easily installed and controlled, giving you that sense of luxury and modernisation. Due to the thermostat controlling the temperature, it means that you won’t experience a change in heat.

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