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Is a shower bath the right fit for you?

Is a shower bath the right fit for you?

If you need room for a relaxing soak as well as a spacious and practical shower area without the need for a separate cubicle, then a shower bath might be the right combination for you. 

Shower baths are designed with one end wider than the other, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable shower without compromising on style.

With many UK bathrooms tending to be on the smaller side, bathroom manufacturers have adapted and created a wide range of shower baths for when pace is at a premium.

They’re available in a myriad of designs and sizes and mostly feature angular L-shape or curved P-shape layouts.

What you need to consider

There are a few things that need to be taken into consideration if you’re thinking about installing a new shower bath.

The most important is the space available. If you’re creating a whole new bathroom, it’s a good idea to draw up plans of the space so you can see where the shower bath could potentially be installed. 

Of course, if you’re simply replacing your old bath, you can just measure around it to find out the size you require.

You must also decide if you need a left- or a right-handed shower bath to fit with the shape of your bathroom and personal preference. 

Shower bath designs 

Most UK shower baths are available in two main designs.

P-shaped shower baths, like the Carron Celsius here, are still proving incredibly popular and feature a curved area at the shower end with a matching curved glass screen.

This provides you with added space for showering and is a classic design that doesn’t look dated.

The P-shaped shower bath will look equally stylish in either modern or traditional bathrooms.

But if you want to add a little contemporary style to your bathroom, an L-shaped shower bath is the ideal solution. 

The L-shaped shower bath style offers you clean lines for a sleek geometric look and  is usually complemented by a matching square shower bath screen that’s hinged at the wall to allow full access.

This style of bath, typified by the Carron Quantum here, works perfectly with wall-hung and combination furniture to help keep a neat, square aesthetic. 

As well as looking great, an L-shaped shower bath fitted  is a great way of maximising the floor space in your bathroom. 

The smooth curves of a P-shaped shower bath make moving around a small bathroom much easier - and potentially safer. 

If your bathroom will be used by smaller children then a P-shaped shower bath can eliminate a lot of corners that they could bump into. 

As the bath creates the design focal point for your bathroom, rounded accessories are a must if you’re installing a P-shaped shower bath. 

We’re here to help

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