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Increase the value of your home with a new bathroom

Increase the value of your home with a new bathroom

Your bathroom is an incredibly important room in your home. Without realising you use your bathroom more than you realise, whether you’re getting ready in the morning, relaxing after a long day or bathing the kids, your bathroom is at the core of your day to day life.

Too often people spend time focusing on the appearance of other rooms in their home without realising the importance and value a great bathroom can bring to your home. A well-designed bathroom can improve the practicalities of everyday life as well as improve the appearance of your property.

If you were to put your property on the market, buyers always consider the quality, design and layout of a bathroom as part of their selection process. It might not be as important to you, but it will be a significant factor when people consider buying your property and the offer they put in.

There are a few things that people often look for in a bathroom when it comes to buying a property, so here are our top suggestions to add value onto your home and ensure you get a quick sale.

Invest in a bath

More often than not a bath is a big selling point in a family bathroom. Although many of us prefer a shower a bath is an indulgent treat and often an essential if families have small children. If you haven’t already got a bath it may be worth considering incorporating a bath into the design of the room.

Whether you go for a traditional single-ended bath with an overhead shower or a luxurious double-ended freestanding bath, a bath typically ticks a box in many homebuyers eyes.

Add an additional bathroom

If you are one of the many homes that only have one bathroom for your entire family, then you have probably been thinking of adding an additional bathroom for some time now. If you have space and can accommodate a new bathroom, this would significantly add value to your home.

It will not only make your life more convenient when you and your family are all getting ready for work and school in the morning, but it will also provide you with the opportunity to get a return on your investment. If an entire bathroom isn’t a feasible option, consider adding a downstairs toilet, which is not only a practical choice but value-adding.

Pick feature pieces

You don’t have to completely renovate your bathroom, simply pick a key piece that could be improved and focus on that. It could be that you want to bring your sink and vanity unit up to date, install a new shower and screen or simply improve the layout to make a more functional space.

You can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with well thought through accessories and attract as much attention as possible, should you decide to sell at a later stage.

When renovating, keep some luxuries in mind, such as installing a master bath. Or something else that’s lavish and comfortable, where you can soak after a long day at work. It’s important to add value to your home with something that you would enjoy as well as potential buyers, after all your property may not sell immediately.

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