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Iceland’s Baths: The Hottest on Earth

Iceland’s Baths: The Hottest on Earth

Here at Bathrooms Direct Yorkshire we believe having a bath has been an essential part of everyone’s life and a key to unwinding after a stressful day. Whether it’s a free standing bath or Clear Green Reuse bath, they are an essential part of any house hold. Yet in Iceland having a bath is very different to what we know and love in the UK. Iceland’s baths are outdoors- some under caves, some next to power stations and others are cosmetic life savers. These baths or ‘hot springs’ are geothermally heated and can be hundreds of meters in circumference, attracting thousands of people each year.

The Blue Lagoon in south-western Iceland is natures very own luxury Villeroy & Boch bath.One of the most prestigious hot springs found inReykjanes, located near a Geothermal Power Station, the Blue Lagoon creates anunusual setting for a place to bath. Its unique coloured water creates an unmissable place to relax and spend time with friends and family. Unlike most baths,this spa works cosmetic miracles; when the Silica Mud is applied to the face it gives impressive anti-aging results by reducing wrinkles. The bath is in a stunning setting surrounded byrestaurants and steam rooms. This really is a breath taking tranquil way to save on your water bill.

Laugardalslang is practically an arcade; over flowing with entertainment. Based in Reykjavik, the pools have been revolutionised since the Vikings discovered it. The spring is a perfect place for the whole family as there are two waterslides and a gym.It’s been known that people go for a dip before and after work as the pools are a very social place. With indoor and outdoor Geothermal pools people spend more time gossiping andchatting rather than actually bathing.

Jardbondinn is a natural bath found in Myvatn.To begin to understand theGeothermal Heat produced in Myvatn, there is an underground bakery.In addition to its beautiful waters, Myvatn is one of the most amazing Hot Spring as you are able tosee the “Aurora Borealis”. Myvatn is the perfect place to bath if you would like to experience everything Iceland has to offer.It is positioned in the Northern region of the country, away from any light pollution, which makesit the perfect location to see the Northern Lights,which personally is much better than watching Coronation Street while been in your bath at home.

Grjótagjá is a bath found in a cave, this is one of the most surreal baths the world has to offer. Although it may be slightly dangerous to walk down there as there are few stones and rocks to be careful of, the bath has been known to get up to 43 degrees. Unlike your bath at home where you can just add cold water when it becames too hot; Grjótagjá had to be closed in the 70s when the volcano erupted which caused the water to rise above 50 degrees forcing the pool to become scorching hot and to close.

Here at Bathrooms Direct Yorkshire we have a luxury collection of bath tubs that will help you to unwind after a busy day and they’ll make you feel like you’re on a utopian holiday.

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