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How to pick the right basin

How to pick the right basin

More often than not your basin is at the heart of your bathroom. Whether you’re cleaning your teeth, washing your face or getting the kids ready before school, you use your bathroom basin far more than you realise.

You might not realise just how important it is to find a basin that works for the needs of your family and works with the space available. It’s important to consider style, shape, size and most importantly the location of your basin when you design your new bathroom. At Bathrooms Direct Yorkshire we’ve got some helpful ideas and tips to help you pick the perfect basin.

Contemporary or timeless?

One of the most important factors to consider is the style of your basin. If you live in a new property with a modern feel the chances are that you will select something sleek and contemporary, as compared to traditional if you live in an older property. Modern properties typically allow for contemporary styles such as countertop basins or semi-recessed basins depending on the available surface area, where if you live in a period property or a cosy cottage, chances are a traditional rectangular washbasin is just the ticket.

It is also important to consider your choice of taps when selecting a new basin. It is important to pick something that is in keeping. Traditional style individual hot and cold taps are often perfect for traditional sinks whereas contemporary mixer taps are often perfect with modern sinks. Plus, you can control the temperature of the water in one easy motion.

Get the brand right

The style of your bathroom can have a big impact on the brand you select. Brands such as Villeroy & Boch, Geberit and Victoria & Albert have a wide range of modern sleek basins, so there’s plenty of choice. Each one is perfectly unique so have a look through our entire range to pick the perfect one for your bathroom.

It's important to select a basin that is in keeping with all your other bathroom features so it may be worth considering the same brand throughout your bathroom.

Be practical with your choices

It is important to buy a basin that works for the space available. It’s important to consider how much space is available for your basin as well as allowing for enough space to manoeuvre around. A corner basin may be the perfect solution for a small downstairs toilet whereas a larger countertop basin may be ideal for a family bathroom. Not only will the large basin make it easier when washing etc, but the additional space from the vanity unit may also be invaluable.

You’ll find everything from large rectangular basins to oval countertop basins and double basins in our collection. At Bathrooms Direct Yorkshire, we have a helpful team on hand to help you make the perfect selection for your bathroom. Not sure how to create your own luxury bathroom? Chat to our team on 01226 770383 to find the ideal luxury basin for your bathroom.

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