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How to Design and Build the Perfect Shower Room

How to Design and Build the Perfect Shower Room

Our design team has a wealth of ideas to help you to design a perfect shower room to fit your space, requirements, style and budget. With years of experience, and the best brands of shower enclosures and fittings in stock, we can source anything to enhance a basic design and turn it into something amazing! Designed, executed and installed well, a shower room can be a lovely relaxing place.

You might be creating a new shower room within your home or simply refurbishing, but generally, shower rooms are a fantastic way to save space when it's at a premium. Perhaps you have a really small bathroom? Doing away with the bath altogether and fitting a glamorous walk in shower will actually maximise space so you have plenty of room to move around and make the area look bigger than ever.

Any bathroom, no matter how small, can be transformed into a beautiful shower room. Bathroom Direct's intelligent design delivers a comfortable space the whole family can use - plus, clever storage solutions so that you have a clutter-free haven, where everyone can move around freely.

Here are some hints and tips before you start:

Matching tiles make a room look bigger

Clever use of matching wall and floor tiles will give the illusion of more space and create a seamless design that looks both contemporary and modern.

Tricks to create an illusion of space

  • Installing a recessed mirror will maximise extra space and can be used in conjunction with some shelves for storage and decoration
  • Choice of hi gloss tiles in one tone throughout will reflect light
  • Floating units keep floor space clear
  • Installing a floor to ceiling frameless shower screen will also help to make a space look bigger
  • Add in cubby hole storage to keep your shower room looking clean and minimalist

Glass Walls

Filling your space with loads of natural rather than artificial light will brighten and lighten the room and maybe you can turn an exterior wall into glass instead?

Wall coverings

For something glamorous and fun without the hard edges, you can add fabulous big patterned or flocked wallpaper to a feature wall with coloured tiles and ornate accessories to add a feminine touch to your shower room.

What kind of door is best?

A sliding shower door is just perfect if you want to make the best use of the limited space. A swinging door isn’t the only option for a shower room, although it may be the one that springs to mind first. Doing without a door can be an option if the shower room is designed well. The floor slope and shower head angle has to be well thought out to avoid flooding the space.

Product Ranges

There can sometimes be too much chose when it comes to finding the ideal bathroom products for your bathroom suite! Our blogs on both Matki and Keuco ranges can help you make this difficult chose!

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