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How to Choose the Perfect Shower Enclosure for Your Bathroom

How to Choose the Perfect Shower Enclosure for Your Bathroom

How do we choose the perfect shower enclosure for a bathroom? We get this question a lot and it is very difficult to answer, largely due to the variety of products that are available on the market. You also must consider whether you want a full bathroom refit or if you’re simply looking for a high-quality shower enclosure.

It's All About Your Available Space!

The most important aspect to consider when plumbing for a new shower enclosure is the amount of available space that you have in your bathroom. The showering/bathing area of the bathroom has always taken up the most amount of space within the dimensions of the room, but it does not necessarily have to be a case of working within the space that you already have available. This is thanks largely to the contemporary designs of toilets and sinks.

If you choose to shop for your bathrooms fixtures individually (rather than buy a full set of fixtures) then you are extending the options that you have available for the sizing of your shower enclosure.

Contemporary Sinks and Toilets

Contemporary sink designs are somewhat miniscule when compared to the bulky, rounded ceramics of the late 1970s. Indeed, modern basins can be little more than the size of a small rectangular plate with modern features and fittings.

Similarly, contemporary toilet designs have gotten much smaller and tend to utilise space-saving, cubist ceramics rather than rounded or oval shapes. Thus, by opting for a smaller basin and toilet you can increase the amount of room that is available to you to incorporate a larger showering area.

Our Shower Enclosure Range

Our two most popular brands within this market are Merlyn shower enclosures and Matki shower enclosures, both of which have their individual benefits.

Merlyn Shower Enclosures

Merlyn shower enclosures are renowned for their contemporary design aesthetic combined with robustness. The design and development team at Merlyn spent over five years surveying UK-based plumbers, shower enclosure installers and retailers such as ourselves. The result? To create a popular range of products based upon the long-term feedback that they received. Makes sense!

Indeed, taking note of the diminished size of contemporary basins and toilets, Merlyn observed a marked trend in the larger re-sizing of shower enclosures and wet rooms and their range is designed to reflect this rising consumer trend.

As such, Merlyn offer a range of shower enclosures that anticipate you having slightly more space available, such as quadrant enclosures and double sliding doors with side panel enclosures. Additionally, Merlyn shower enclosures also cater to smaller sized areas and offer single pivot door products and two-panelled corner enclosures.

Matki Shower Enclosures

Matki shower enclosures incorporate revolutionary design principles with easy integration into the bathroom. Be it a simple, fixed bath screen or a hinged bath screen, right through to a large, curved corner shower or floor-to-ceiling wet room panels. The range of Matki shower enclosures is designed to meet all potential consumer needs!

Matki products are particularly favoured with those opting for a Scandinavian design aesthetic due to their shower trays being available in pergamon (a light cream shade), which matches particularly well with wood-effect tiling.

Durability and Modern Design

Both Merlyn shower enclosures and Matki shower enclosures offer durability, contemporary design and craftsmanship. Take your time to peruse our range and decide upon a shower enclosure that best fits your proposed design scheme. Should you require any further advice or have any questions then please contact us and we will gladly assist you.

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