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How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Suite

How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Suite

Refurbishing or installing your new bathroom paradise is both exciting and rather daunting! Lots to research and evaluate before coming to any decisions - but there's lots of advice and help that you can access to narrow down your options. The first things to consider are space and budget, and how much of each you have.  Think about this at the outset of our project as it will have a direct bearing on the quality and the size of the bathroom suite that you are able to specify. 

Think about your budget

Knowing your space measurements from the outset and what will and won’t fit will crystallise the plan immediately. It's unwise to go shopping without a budget as you may be setting yourself up for a fall. Once you've decided make a budget plan and stick as close to it as you can.

What's your style?

Largely dependent on the style and age of your house but not mutually exclusive and a contrast can make a bold statement; so many styles on the market these days can boggle your mind. Do you fancy contemporary, modern square? Does Victorian appeal, or country style? Make the decision early on in order to eliminate what you don’t want.

What's your space?

For a freestanding bath, you need more space and more budget than for a built in appliance. If space is tight, you may need to combine showering and bathing in one space and so you could consider a  P-shaped bath, which has a curved shower screen and a larger, anti-slip end for showering in. Conversely, if you have room for a separate bath and shower it's likely that you wouldn't use the bath every day so you could go for something a little less traditional like a tub bath.

What are your limitations?

Fancy a wet room but have small children? Not a great idea for safety when they run about on wet floors. Floating sinks with no pedestal underneath represent similar danger points as well as glass partitions.  As with space planning, take a little time to think about who is going to use the bathroom and this should help you to arrive at the right decisions when specifying a suite.

Future proof your bathroom suite

Your circumstances could well change and if you are specifying your new bathroom as a singleton you just never know when you might meet somebody special and want them to move in. Plan for that in the future with things like a sink and vanity unit, wall mirrors, a bath as well as a shower. Also plan ahead for selling the property -what is likely to make it appear more saleable?

Best advice is to put the time into the planning and rest should be easy to manage.

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