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Heated towel rails warm even the coldest bathrooms

Heated towel rails warm even the coldest bathrooms

Heated towel rails are not necessarily a bathroom essential, however they provide both a practical and stylish heating solution. There’s nothing better than taking a warm towel off the rail after getting out of the bath on a cold winter night but heated towel rails have year-round benefits Once you experience the benefits of a heated towel rail, you may wonder why you took so long to get it in the first place!

Warm towels and bathrooms

Most bathrooms, regardless of size, rarely see the sunshine and so have a natural chill to them. The heat supplied by the heated towel rail will not only warm up your towels but also warms the air in the bathroom, just like a traditional radiator. Let’s face it, there’s nothing nicer than climbing out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a fluffy warm towel that’s been heated up. There’s also nothing worse than getting out of a nice bubble bath before bed and wrapping a towel around you that hasn’t quite dried properly from earlier that morning.

A stylish touch

Heated Towel Rails are available in a choice of shapes and sizes, adding a stylish touch to your bathroom décor. Whether you are looking for classic sophistication, contemporary design or ultimate luxury – there’s a perfect towel rail out there to suit every bathroom.

Heated towel rails offer a unique and charming way to hang towels, giving your bathroom a streamlined feel. Bathroom towels, especially the more popular bath sheets, can take up quite a bit of space in small bathrooms which can become a hassle when faced with the challenges of bathroom storage. Plus, they’re easily accessible when you jump out of the show, especially when you’ve forgotten to grab a towel out of the airing cupboard.

Keep the bathroom clean

While heated towel rails or towel warmers give you deliciously toasty towels, one of their main benefits is keeping your towels dry. Heated towel rails work to keep your bathroom hygienic as dry towels minimise the chance of a damp breeding ground for germs and mould.

You won’t need to worry about family member dumping their wet towels in the bathroom, as a heated towel rail dries your towels out and reduced the chance of mould growing in your bathroom. They’re both stylish and practical and help to keep your cleaning to a minimum.

The appeal of towel rails doesn’t just lie in their sophisticated appearance, they’re also practical, space-saving solutions that provide warmth and storage at the same time. If it’s a tight squeeze in your small bathroom and your standard central heating radiator is monopolising the wall, switching it out for a towel rail will often make better use of the space available.

So, no matter the weather, from the depths of winter to the heights of summer, you can rest assured, knowing that whatever your choice in a heated towel rail you get to enjoy warm towels and a warm bathroom when you jump out of the shower.

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