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H2-NO - Tips for Using Less Water

H2-NO - Tips for Using Less Water

153 litres. This is how much water an average person in the UK uses per day. In developing countries, water consumption can be as low as 20 litres. We in the UK use a lot of water and that means our bills are high - we can definitely use less! We are going to guide you along the path to righteousness, save the environment and lower your water bill. Sounds good? Then here’s tip 1.

1. Brushing. 

This is one everyone is behold to yet seem to want to ignore. Turn off that tap when you brush your teeth! You use as much as 10 litres of water per minute. Now for the maths, you brush your teeth for average 4 minutes a day and therefore you waste 40 litres a day. Turn the tap off between rinsing and save!

2. Toilet

On average, each time you flush the toilet you waste 7 litres of water. Older toilets can waste up to 12 litres so if you own one of these, it’s time to change to a more economical one. Many of the toilets at bathrooms direct are fitted with economical cisterns that only use 3 or 6 litres per flush. We even have ones that use 2.6or 4 litres.

3. The Tap

Far too often, taps become leaky, resulting in an annoying drip for endless hours. Fix it and save 90 litres of water a week, saving in excess of 4,680 litres a year.

4. Showering

Choose team shower over team bath and you can save around 40% of the water you use. Good news, we sell showers to reduce your bill!

5. Water Jug

Imagine an ice cold, refreshing glass of water on a hot summer’s day -you can have this while saving money. Fill up a jug of water and place it in the fridge to achieve the above while saving water by not running the cold tap every time you need a glass of the good stuff.

6. Fully load your washing machine

Did you know that if you fully load your washing machine that it uses half as much water as it being half full (or half empty)?
Save them pennies with these easy tips and get yourself something nice, you deserve it! 

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