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Buyers Guide To Freestanding Baths

Buyers Guide To Freestanding Baths

Buyers Guide To Freestanding Baths

Here at Bathrooms Direct, we have found that more and more customers are looking to create a luxurious bathroom experience at home. Leading this trend is the increasingly popular freestanding bath.

Unlike traditional bath designs, freestanding baths make a striking statement in any bathroom that you will want to capture. Freestanding baths are designed to give you a luxury bathing experience in your own home.

If you’re looking for a new bath and want to make it the centrepiece of your bathroom, take a look at our buyers guide to freestanding baths. Created by the Bathrooms Direct experts this guide will help you decide if purchasing a freestanding bath is the right decision for you, why not read on to discover more.

What are freestanding baths?

Unlike traditional designs a freestanding bath does not need to be fitted into a corner or a wall, allowing them to stand on their own anywhere in the bathroom.
Freestanding baths come in a variety of size options to fit your bathroom and with the latest  manufacturing techniques you can buy smaller baths that give you a big bath feel. Check out Waters Baths i-line range for the latest techniques.

Due to the bath being freestanding it can mean for some daring shapes and sizes. You may be envisioning antique steel or solid brass tubs. Whilst these are still available, there are also countless new sleek and modern designs to suit your style and budget.

The Buyers Guide


One of the first things to consider is do you have room for a new bath? Freestanding baths come in many shapes and sizes, however you should leave enough room to manoeuvre around the bath. This means they are better suited to larger bathrooms, even if it’s a smaller bath. Having the added advantage of being able to span the entire bath, makes for much easier access. This also makes cleaning much easier.
If you require standing bath taps then it becomes even more important to make sure there is enough room surrounding the bath.

Due to their design most of these baths can be very deep, as they are designed for a relaxing soak. This means that when filled, freestanding baths can weigh much more than a traditional bath. If you do not already own a deep bath. You should check that your floor can withstand the new weight.


Freestanding baths come in a wide range of designs. Picking one of these designs can seem like a daunting task. From antique to modern designs, the choice is yours. There is a design that suits every bathroom style. Whether you opt for a timeless classic or a contemporary approach, we have you covered.


The layout of your bathroom is vital when considering one of these baths. They are usually the centrepiece of any bathroom. This means your bathroom must cater for the bath's presence to ensure there is enough space. This could mean choosing a smaller option, or making sure your bathroom's layout compliments your new bath.

Freestanding Bath Taps

Most freestanding bath designs do not have integrated taps. This means you may have to pair it with wall mounted taps or standing bath taps. This may sound off putting, but these can double as stylish additions to your bathroom. Baths with showers can also work by utilising a handheld shower head attached to the standing bath taps.

Baths With Showers

Baths with showers are perfect combinations. These specific baths are usually larger than your standard bath. As they are centralised it doesn’t leave a lot of space. You might decide on a smaller bath depending on what kind of style you are looking for.

As we touched on previously you may require standing bath taps. If this is the case you can also include the addition of a handheld shower head. Potentially you could also use  a wall mounted shower head if the bath placement is correct. Baths with showers can definitely be an option to save space.

If you enjoyed this buyers guide to freestanding baths, you can browse our full range of baths here

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