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Bath or Shower? How Will it Affect Your Property Value?

Bath or Shower? How Will it Affect Your Property Value?

Bath or shower? It’s a question that’s almost as divisive as Marmite! If you’re one of the 79% of people who prefer the efficiency of a shower over a long, relaxing soak in the tub, it might be tempting to go for a modern walk-in shower next time it comes to updating your bathroom.

However, before you get over-excited and rip out the bathtub to create a super-spacious new wet room, it’s worth bearing in mind that removing the bath could affect the saleability of your home. Despite just 4% of us Brits enjoying taking a bath, it seems that viewing a house that had shunned the humble bathtub in favour of the shower would put us off making an offer. How very British!

Bath or Shower? Will it Affect my Property Value?

Whilst replacing your bath with a shower might not decrease the valuation of your property; it may result in it taking longer to sell, which could mean that you will receive a lower offer. When it comes down to it, the bath still has a cherished place in British bathrooms - it seems we’re still in love with the bathtub after all!

How to Make the Best of Your Bathroom

Estate Agents will generally recommend that you keep the bath when re-modelling your bathroom in order to achieve the best possible sale. So, if that’s convinced you to opt for both a shower and a bath, our top tips below will help you get the best of both worlds!

1. Opt for a Shower Over the Bath: Carron Baths

An option that’s much more practical with our modern bathroom designs, having a shower over the bath no longer means getting tangled in a shower curtain whilst standing in a narrow bathtub. We love Carron’s range of shower baths which are beautifully shaped to ensure both your bath and shower are comfortable. They also feature specially made shower screens which give you a great shower experience and can be easily folded back when you want to relax in the bath.

2. Make Use of Every Inch: Merlyn Quadrant Showers

When it comes to fitting both a shower cubicle and a bath into your room, using every inch of space is the magic ingredient. Thankfully, Merlyn have a fantastic range of quadrant showers which are perfect for maximising your space. Transforming corners into a sleek shower space, Merlyn can help you get the best of both worlds in a way that won’t make your bathroom look cluttered.

If space is not an issue, you could opt for an offset quadrant shower which will make the enclosure roomier and more luxurious.

3. Make it Minimal: Matki Shower Enclosures

The perfect answer if you want to make clever use of your space, Matki specialise in minimal frameless enclosures, and have a great range of screens that are perfect for recessed shower enclosures. An ideal solution if you are able to convert part of a neighbouring room (such as a closet), these minimal showers are the ultimate space-saving solution.

4. Put The Bathtub Centre Stage: Waters Baths

Ok, this isn’t strictly making space for both a shower and a bath, but if you’re going to fall in love with the bathtub again, then make it one from Waters Baths. Showcasing a range of spectacular freestanding bathtubs, they guarantee to make the bath the focal point of any bathroom. These are baths that are so beautiful you’ll want to soak in them for hours.

Concessions to modern-day-living can be made with a separate shower cubicle if you can’t give up your morning shower. Or opt for Waters Baths’ beautiful shower bath which is certain to tick all the boxes.

To find out how we can help you plan your perfect bathroom whether you love a bath or a shower, get in touch today.

5. Invest in Leading Bathroom Technology: Vitra

An architectural approach is taken in the design of Vitra sanitaryware creating toilets and basins with a highly modern look and their hands-free, simple-to-use controls allow for an automatic open and close heated seat, washing and drying features, plus an easy-to-clean, rimless design.

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