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3 wet room ideas from Matki

3 wet room ideas from Matki

Wet rooms are fast becoming one of the biggest bathroom trends in the UK. With their minimalist and sleek design, wet rooms can look simply stunning no matter the size of the bathroom.

Incorporating a luxury shower and versatile wet room accessories help you to create the wet room you have dreamed about. With both aesthetics and space in mind, we stock a range of Matki showers and wet room accessories that will help you transform your wet room into a space you’ll love.

Here we take a look at 3 ideas that can help you create the ultimate wet room!

Be clever with the design

Get creative with your design and incorporate smart design ideas to really maximise the space. To create maximum space in a small wet room you should aim for an open-plan design incorporating toughened glass panels if a screen is required and remove all non-essential furniture.

Glass screens are easy to clean and low maintenance, so even in a small wet room it retains that spacious feel.

Get a quality shower

A great shower head can make of break your bathing experience. Shower time should be a place to destress after a long day or get ready for the day ahead, so the right shower head can make a huge difference.

Whether you’re looking for a classic handheld or a full body shower installation, Matki showers have a wide range of heads available, allowing you to pick exactly the type of shower you’d like to have. Most wet rooms incorporate a minimalist shower enclosure to maximise space, so a stand out shower head, like the Matki showers, can really give your new wet room a luxurious feel.

Keep things tidy

If you dream of a beautiful wet room it probably doesn’t include cluttered surfaces. Well thought through storage transforms bathrooms and makes a small room look and feel larger. Concept space saving basin units provide sleek storage solutions, whilst large mirrored vanity cabinets not only provide handy storage solutions but create a sense of space and bring light into the room. You’ll be amazed at the increased feeling of space in just minutes.

Designing a luxurious and versatile wet room for your home is no easy challenge when there’s so many sleek and luxurious accessories to choose from. If you are looking to create an exclusive wet room in your house, our team at Bathroooms Direct Yorkshire can help you do that! Our specialist team will be more than happy to talk through your design and functionality options to create the perfect wet room for your property.

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