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3 Reasons to Love Keuco Integral Royal

3 Reasons to Love Keuco Integral Royal

A sumptuous bathroom can be the centre-point of any household. It can be an atmosphere of sheer romance or simply a room of function. However you decide to use your bathroom, you simply cannot make any decisions without pondering the use of the Keuco Integral Royal range. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why!

Simplistic Stainless Steel

If you’re a picky individual and interior décor is your expertise or passion, colour schemes are up there with running water and oxygen as the important things in your life! Ensuring your bathroom fits in with your idealistic visions can be tricky, but stainless steel fittings are the go-to style.

The simplistic yet effective shine that reflects from the steel off the bathroom lights can provide the executive look you may be searching for. Regardless of your intentions, stainless steel is more than adequate in fulfilling your décor dreams. It’s also an extremely hygienic material choice too!

Easy Clean

The worst nightmare for any homeowner when it comes to domestic responsibilities is a tough-to-clean room of any kind. Grime, bacteria and tough surfaces can team-up to make a cleaning job impossible. With the Keuco range, because of the stainless steel construction, it is incredibly easy to clean.

Granted, unlike cutlery, you can’t stick an entire bathroom in the dishwasher, but you’re minimising the effort required to get that gleam. Step aside, Kim and Aggie! All that would be required is the use of a damp cloth and some bathroom cleaner – a simple cleaning method, material and result. Emphasis on the simplicity!


When it comes to purchasing accessories for a room, the one thing you need is variety. Who knew, when it comes to a bathroom, you could have so many accessories? Towel holders, soap holders, curtain rails, a toy basket for the kids - the choice is incredible!

With Keuco, that’s exactly what you’re getting. The little bits and pieces which make a home can be accomplished in the bathroom, too. From tumblers and holders to the Keuco Mirror Unit, anything you can think of when it comes to completing your bathroom can be found.

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