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3 Ideas for Your Ensuite

3 Ideas for Your Ensuite

We understand that redesigning or newly installing an ensuite is different from having a new bathroom installed; ordinarily you will have a lot less space to work with but still want to create a welcoming room that doesn’t feel cramped. With both aesthetics and space in mind, we stock a range of fixtures, furnishings and Keuco accessories that will help you to make the most of the space that you have available without sacrificing on quality or style.

Here we take a look at 3 ideas that can help you to make the best of the area you have to work with!

Keuco Accessories

Keuco is a market leader in high-quality bathroom accessories and has been established as a full-range supplier of bathroom fittings, accessories and furniture for over 60 years. As such, Keuco has had first-hand experience of the changes that have occurred within their industry over the years and has strove to always be at the forefront of contemporary bathroom design.

This business principle informs Keuco’s design and manufacturing processes. The continual rise in the popularity of ensuite bathrooms over the past twenty years has seen them refocus their product range by minimising the size of their products (so that they may be accommodated comfortably within an en suite), whilst still making sure that their range retains maximum functionality and contemporary design features.

Soap holders and shower shelves are neat and minimal, whilst the Keuco Edition 400 cabinet can recess into you wall, meaning that nothing juts out of your enclosed space. The Keuco tap is also one of our most popular products, requiring only a single-hole installation, and is available in two different sizes.

Curved Shower Enclosures

We recommend a curved shower enclosure as a means with which to save a considerable amount of space within your ensuite. Square and rectangular enclosures tend to take up a bit more space. By opting for one of these shapes in an ensuite, you run the risk of having the enclosure extend too far out into the centre of the room.

A curved shower enclosure, on the other hand, offers you a smooth, rounded shower guard that doesn’t extend as far and doesn’t take up valuable space in your ensuite.

Geberit Vanity Unit and Sink Range

Much like Keuco, Geberit are renowned for producing high-quality bathroom fixtures and furnishings that can be easily accommodated into an ensuite. The Geberit vanity unit and Geberit sink are two of our most popular products and are great space savers due to their minimalist design and high practicality.

The Geberit vanity unit incorporates wider drawers with less depth into its design, as opposed to drawers with a greater depth that protrude further from the wall fixture. Again, this provides the user with valuable ensuite storage space without overly infringing on floor space.

Geberit sinks are similarly minimal whilst still remaining as functional as a standard sized sink. They provide enough space to wash your hands, wash your face and brush your teeth, and also offer ample underside storage. Again, this places an emphasis on a product range that is contemporary in both design and the manner in which it maximises space.

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