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Our straight bath buying guide

Our straight bath buying guide

There are few things more relaxing after a stressful, busy day than a long soak in a hot bath.

But modern baths can’t just be for your own relaxation, they also need to be robust enough to handle the organised chaos of children’s bathtime, the attempted washing of pets and all manner of other household tasks in between. 

With many homes tight on bathroom space, baths also often need to be combined with showers. In this case the straight bath is probably the most popular and versatile option, as it offers a comfortable, stylish and cost-effective solution.

The shape and footprint gives the straight bath its name, as a straight rectangle is formed  by its outside edges. 

There are plenty of designs and styles to choose from, so you can still create a luxurious bathroom even with limited space. 

Here we’ll look at the range of straight baths available at bathroomsdirectyorkshire.co.uk so you can work out which new bath will work best for your bathroom.

Straight baths

Straight baths are the most common type in the UK and are perfect for fitting into the tightest of spaces.

Available in both acrylic and steel, it’s a classic shape that will work well in most bathroom layouts.

Straight baths are usually finished off with a bath panel and installed up against a wall, or in a corner as a space-saver.

You can also create a straight shower bath if you add a curtain or screen.


As straight baths fit perfectly into most bathrooms, it’s the style that you’re most likely to find on sale from bathroom retailers.

However the interior shapes available can be very different - and the choice of taps always has a major impact on the finished look.

Single ended

The single ended bath is one of the UK’s most popular and conventional styles of bath, with the taps situated at one end and a gentle slope at the opposite to support you while you’re having a relaxing soak.

With the taps located at one end the single ended bath is the ideal way to create a straight shower bath, by installing a mixer shower valve and a shower head which can easily be fitted to the wall directly above the taps.

Double ended

The double ended bath creates a slightly more luxurious feel, with the taps set in the middle of the bath so that both ends can be used for relaxing against.

There are so many different options for traditional or contemporary looks, so it’s easy to use a double ended bath as a centrepiece to help create anything from ultra-modern retreat to a classic period bathroom.

We’re here to help

Looking for a new bath? Call us on 01226 770383, or use the ‘chat now’ feature on our website. At Bathrooms Direct, we’re on hand to answer your questions and help you to find the perfect straight bath or straight shower bath to complete your bathroom perfectly.

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