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Top 5 Luxurious Shower Brands 2023

Top 5 Luxurious Shower Brands 2023

Top shower brands are always at the forefront of bathroom design and are worthy of attention as initial signs can give a good indication of what the coming months have in store. 

We’re already a quarter of the way through the year and now feels like the perfect time to analyse the retail market and gain an insight into how the best luxury shower brands are performing.

We can undoubtedly expect some new additions and even more breathtaking bathroom and shower designs for the discerning customer! 

For now though, we’re taking a look at who are already proving to be the best shower and bathroom brands. There is a lot of competition, as always, and plenty of top-quality shower brands producing unbelievable products that help create stunning bathrooms. 

This time around we are focusing on luxury and style. We’ve listed below our top luxury shower brands in no particular order. Browse this list of our favourite shower brands in full and see if you agree, we hope you can make use of our suggestions!

The Magnificent Merlyn Shower

The Merlyn brand is a magnificent way to kick off our list. Merlyn shower enclosures are both luxurious and divine. 

In fact, Merlyn shower trays and enclosures are some of the most luxurious you’re ever likely to find in the UK. 

The MStone trays are available in quadrant, square and rectangle shapes all in various sizes. Simple yet elegant, Merlyn shower trays introduce an element of natural beauty to your bathroom design.

All Merlyn showers now use either Series 10 or Series 8 doors and panels. The frameless hinged and sliding door varieties are some of the best available on the market today. 

Functionality is effortless to maintain the crisp and graceful aura that the aesthetic provides. From bifold to infold, the magnificent Merlyn can cater for most shower suite requirements. 

View the current range of Merlyn Showers here

It’s Chic - It’s Crosswater

The square bath fillers offered by the Crosswater brand are simply beautiful. There is no other word to describe them. The taps, shower mixer and shower valves aren’t too bad either! 

These are the type of accessories and features you’d expect to find in a luxury five-star hotel. 

Crosswater bathroom products, accessories, mixers and shower features aren’t the cheapest by result, but the quality and finish of their products is undeniable, regardless of prices. 

This is some of the most lavish bathroom attire you’re ever likely to see in the UK and it’s well worth the investment. Not only will the Crosswater brand become a focal point of the bathroom, but also a talking point for the whole household to use.

Products usually range from being perfectly square or neatly rounded, that seems to be the brand’s edge, if you will. 

All in all, Crosswater showers represent luxury bathrooms at their absolute finest. This is a top-quality brand that deserves its place on our list! You can see the entire Crosswater shower range here.

Hard-to-Say Hansgrohe

This shower brand definitely deserves a place our list, even though we’re pretty sure we are pronouncing it wrong! Only kidding – Hansgrohe (pronounced Hans-Grow-Huh we believe) is a wonderful bathroom brand with lots of exciting little innovations. 

Their product offering begins with the simple yet elegant Tails and Focus shower mixer items. These tend to follow a similar downward beak-shaped lever design that almost makes your taps appear as if they have a little nose!

An established German manufacturer and brand, the luxury really begins with the wonderful ShowerSelect touch thermostats and shower controls. 

These little gizmos are simply stunning. You can alter the outlet of your shower with the touch of a button - it's like having a tablet computer in your shower!  Without doubt though, for us, the best thing about the Hansgrohe brand's shower range is the selection of Raindance showerheads. 

These items are just magical! Available in circular, square and rectangular shapes to suit every taste; it literally feels like showering in rainfall. 

They've attracted rave reviews and as a discerning customer you won’t get a better shower experience!

With so much style and choice in the entire Hansgrohe showers range - from a shower mixer to beautiful taps, all at realistic prices - it's up there as one of our favourite brands.

You Simply Must Love Matki

If you didn’t previously catch our blog post on the reasons why Matki is the perfect bathroom choice –go check it out. It’s well worth a read just to admire the beauty of the images included! The delicately-crafted chrome features complement this stylish and contemporary design extremely well. 

The chrome framing also contributes towards the overall feeling of openness and space that Matki creates. 

New Illusion and New Radiance make up a key part of the brand's offering, with every item offering real durability and quality as standard. 

Matki shower enclosures are supplied in seamless, functional styles and in several different sizes. Choose between hinged and sliding doors or quadrant and pentangle corner enclosures, whatever suits your requirements best.

Matki Eauzone Offers Innovative Designs

Matki Eauzone is a particularly strong arm of the Matki brand, offering a luxury experience and innovative customer practicality. The Eauzone bathroom additions make use of elegant and stylish fixtures and fittings, garnering excellent reviews and providing the perfect addition to your ideal bathroom environment. 

The design is in the detail too, as functionality is at the heart of everything that Matki Eauzone does. Firstly, their non-slip and secure hinges, perfect for adjustment and practicality, are patented and renowned in the field. Cushion stop technology prevents unnecessary noise and offers tranquillity with simplicity and panache. 

Check out the product page on the link above for more details and for a closer look. Together, all elements of a Matki shower combine to create a relaxed and carefree shower space. Our customers love this shower brand!

Bathrooms Direct Yorkshire - Here To Help

That’s it folks -that was a run through our top luxurious shower brands! We are excited to see what is around the corner and if any other brand names can break into our list with exceptional new items to impress our customers!

If you’d like to discuss bathroom designs further, we can provide more information on a wide range of brands and showers, offer a deeper insight and advise the best solution for your enquiry.

From a traditional shower mixer to contemporary taps, it’s not hard to reach us, just give us a call on 01226 770383 or visit our contact page. One of our team members will be more than happy to assist.

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