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Victoria + Albert Baths Lussari (7 found)

Made from volcanic limestone

To make beautiful baths and basins of the highest quality, Victoria + Albert developed their own unique material, giving Victoria + Albert’s designers the freedom to create award-winning designs that can last a lifetime.

Made from natural Volcanic Limestone, QUARRYCAST™ carries naturally desirable properties to deliver luxurious and unique benefits. The finely ground volcanic limestone is blended with high-quality resins making it light, warm to the touch and incredibly strong.

Experience unrivalled quality

QUARRYCAST is more than double the strength of typical acrylic baths and basins, minimising scuffs and imperfections. It is also resistant to common chemicals and liquids such as hair dye or bath oils making for incredibly durable bathroom furniture with a naturally white and glossy surface that is easy to wipe clean. QUARRYCAST is highly insulating and warm to the touch, keeping your bath water warmer for longer, perfect for sinking down and immersing yourself into a calming and rejuvenating bath.

Create your dream bathroom

Colour service is available for certain models and allows you to personalise the exterior of your bath in RAL colour of your choice. With over 199 colours to choose from, it's easy to customise your bath to suit your bathroom decor. From a botanical moss green to bright melon yellow, bold pure red or a serene oyster white, there's a dazzling spectrum to choose from to achieve the atmosphere you need to escape and unwind. Contact our sales office for price and availability.

Discover the range

We stock a range of Victoria and Albert baths, basins and fittings. From inset basins to countertop, freestanding baths to back-to-wall, you'll be sure to find the perfect piece for your bathroom.

You can also view a variety of their baths, basins, and fixtures in our showroom.

Freestanding Baths

Victoria + Albert's freestanding baths make a fantastic centrepiece to any bathroom space. With a range of inspirational designs available, Victoria + Albert have a reputation for creating beautiful freestanding baths. They are made using volcanic limestone mixed with high-performance resins making them a stone rich alternative to other types of freestanding bath. The nature of a freestanding bath means their shape is not limited by needing to fit against straight walls, meaning they have a wide variety of design possibilities, including cast iron modern feet, extended backrests plus single or double-ended options.

Contemporary Luxury Basins & Fixtures

Victoria and Albert baths also offer luxury basins and fixtures to complete the look - and offer the ultimate statement in quality and contemporary sophistication.

As a brand with a worldwide reputation of producing luxurious, unique designs, their products are hand finished by craftsmen with dedicated, in-house manufacturing - always delivering an air of exclusivity and sophistication in their ranges.





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