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Victoria + Albert Baths Cheshire (1 found)

Freestanding Baths

Victoria + Albert's freestanding baths make a fantastic centrepiece to any bathroom space. With a range of inspirational designs available, Victoria & Albert have a reputation for creating beautiful freestanding baths. They are made using volcanic limestone mixed with high-performance resins making them a stone rich alternative to other types of freestanding bath. The nature of a freestanding bath means their shape is not limited by needing to fit against straight walls, meaning they have a wide variety of design possibilities.

Contemporary Luxury Basins & Fixtures

Victoria + Albert also offer luxury basins and fixtures to complete the look - and offer the ultimate statement in quality and contemporary sophistication.

As a brand with a worldwide reputation of producing luxurious, unique designs, their products are hand finished by craftsmen with dedicated, in-house manufacturing - always delivering an air of exclusivity and sophistication in their ranges.

You can also view a variety of their baths, basins, and fixtures in our showroom.