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Hansgrohe showers

Hansgrohe showers are designed for discerning customers who appreciate beautiful, award-winning products.

Whether you’re looking for a hand or overhead shower, a shower set or full shower system, Hansgrohe combine innovative technologies and expert craftsmanship to create stunning contemporary designs. 

The complete shower system

The Hansgrohe product range seamlessly blends innovation, enjoyment and tradition in a collection of high-quality, exquisitely designed showers, mixer showers and accessories.

Since Hansgrohe was founded in Germany's Black Forest in 1901, it has been setting the standard for bathroom design.

Company founder Hans Grohe (yes, that's where the name comes from...) realised the potential of the hand shower as a useful alternative to the traditional overhead shower.

As an 82-year-old he had another stroke of genius when he designed the first shower wall bar that could be adjusted to the desired height. 

Today, direct descendants and family members of Herr Grohe sit on the company's executive board, carrying on the family tradition.

Bathrooms Direct sells a large selection of Hansgrohe showers, shower heads and shower-related products and accessories. 

Whether you're looking for a full Hansgrohe showers set, hand showers, side showers, XXL performance shower heads, overhead showers or complete shower systems and shower kits, we offer a myriad of variations.

The Hansgrohe brand is known worldwide for creating high-quality bathroom fittings that combine stunning designs with the latest technology to suit every taste and a range of bathroom styles.

Whether you're buying a simple Hansgrohe basin mixer tap or full Hansgrohe showers with premium accessories and products, you can be certain you’re choosing something that’s made to the highest standards in Germany, created by a portfolio of outstanding international designers.

Why choose Hansgrohe?

If you’re planning to create a new bathroom look, there are many great reasons to opt for Hansgrohe products.

From their historic base in Germany, Hansgrohe help you decide how to transform your bathroom into a modern haven of well-being.

The Hansgrohe group have been at the forefront of bathroom technology since 1901 and offer a comprehensive five-year guarantee on all products, including working parts.

Plus, Hansgrohe showers and taps equipped with EcoSmart technology consume up to 60% less water than conventional products, allowing you to save water and help the environment with reduced water flow.

They also hold spare parts for 10 years after a product is discontinued, so you know that spares can be obtained easily if they’re ever needed after installation.

Hansgrohe technologies

Hansgrohe pride itself on its ability to develop innovative products through creative ideas that make them easy to care for, install and maintain.

Select technology

Hansgrohe offers select bathroom technology that gives you the ability to switch over to different shower head or water spray modes at the touch of a button

Quick clean

Limescale deposits that build up over time can be simply wiped away with a damp cloth over the flexible material

XXL performance

Distributes the water over the large spray face, covering the whole body in water for a fully immersive shower experience

Cool start

Cold water starts to flow when the tap is opened in the basic setting on your shower system, meaning you will consume hot water when you need it, saving your energy consumption in the process.

An indulgent shower experience

To help you enjoy an exhilarating start to daily routines and a relaxing end to it, Hansgrohe showers feature emotive design that’s visually and physically flattering and comfortable to touch and use. It's a truly different shower experience of the highest quality.

Here's what the full Hansgrohe range encapsulates:

Bathroom furniture


Including Hansgrohe shower heads, rain shower heads, hand shower systems, overhead showers, concealed valves, shower enclosures, shower valves, shower rails, hand showers, shower pipes, shower kits, shower panels, shower accessories, shower sets and thermostatic mixer showers.

Spare parts for the bathroom

Including cartridges, spray inserts and aerators

Bathroom accessories

Including towel racks, toilet roll holders, soap dishes/dispensers, wash basins, bars and hooks

Bathroom taps

Including Hansgrohe basin taps and outlets, wall mounted mixers, shower mixers, bathtub mixers and bidet taps

Waste systems

Including bottle traps, wastes, overflows and bath fillers


Kitchen taps

Including kitchen taps, kitchen mixers and sink taps

Kitchen sinks

Including single and double bowls with or without a drainer and tap holes

Hansgrohe also offers a long service life and a comprehensive 5-year guarantee on their products, which includes working parts. They also guarantee to hold spare parts for 10 years after product discontinuation, leaving you safe in the knowledge that suitable spares can be obtained easily if ever needed.