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Geberit AquaClean (7 found)

Why Geberit?

Geberit products are responsibly manufactured from high-quality, durable materials, blending a perfect balance of elegant design and outstanding functionality. They are easy to clean, offer more security are straightforward to use, maximising comfort in the process.

Geberit Bathroom products

Geberit WC frames and concealed cisterns are the choice of plumbers all around the world, and geberit flush plates offer dual flush technology and are widely regarded as some of the most elegant on the market. Geberit wall hung toilets are rimless, making them easy to clean without any hidden, hard-to-reach areas where deposits can build up, causing odours to develop.

Turboflush technology

The asymmetrical geometry and lateral water inlet of a Geberit toilet basin results in a unique flushing-out performance that is both resource-saving and efficient. For more information contact us today, or come in branch to view the wide range of products available in the dedicated Geberit area of our showroom.





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